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Jinho Kang used to be an average teenager, before an accident took away his family and his ability to walk. After reincarnating in medieval China, he becomes the demon master known as the Crimson Emperor. When his life is tragically cut short, he wakes up back in his previous life, before the accident AND with his powers and martial arts prowess intact. All Jinho wants is to live a normal life, but he soon realizes that monsters exist even in the modern world, and only he can stop them. (Source: Tapas Media)
Descent of the Demon Master
When Jiwon, a 37-year-old cancer patient, walks in on her husband and best friend, she realizes her whole life has been a lie. What's worse, she dies a tragic death at the hands of her husband. Would things have been different if she had made different choices? Fortunately for Jiwon, she is given the chance to rewrite her fate when she is reincarnated as her younger self. This time, she vows to live a happy life. But first comes revenge. Her plan? To marry off her now former best friend to her lying, cheating husband. (Source: Webtoon Entertainment)
Marry My Husband
Twenty-Fifth Bam had been alone his whole life until he met Rachel. Now, however, Rachel is set on climbing the Tower, and she is willing to leave Bam behind to do so. After Rachel disappears in a veil of light, Bam follows her, vowing to ascend the Tower in hopes of meeting her again. But the Tower is a dangerous place full of ancient secrets, fearsome monsters, and nefarious humans. Each floor is protected by an Administrator who puts the daring challengers through grueling tests that will push them to their limits. As he confronts Headon, the Administrator of the first floor, Bam learns that he is an ''Irregular,'' someone who was not chosen by the Tower but was able to enter it on his own, an extremely rare event inside the Tower. Regardless of this revelation, however, his path forward is clear. Be it wealth, power, glory, or even reuniting with Rachel, all desires will be realized at the top of the Tower. [Written by MAL Rewrite]
Tower of God
After her death, Daisy Heidi is reincarnated into the world of Why Did the Duke's Daughter Roll Across the Pumpkin Patch?, a so-called "tragedy" novel where the beautiful heroine Pierta indulges in reckless lust and hedonism with ten ardent suitors to a bitter end. Though Daisy is reborn as a poor commoner in this world, she has one distinct advantage over others in her second chance at life—she's the author of the original novel! When fate brings Daisy into the lives of the novel's heroine Pierta and her dashing father Duke Henstone, Daisy vows to do everything she can to prevent Pierta's future of despair. (Source: Webtoon Entertainment)
Tricked into Becoming the Heroine's Stepmother
God's Tombs started to appear around the world. Due to the relics within these tombs, many were able to wield these legendary power for themselves, while others became enslaved to these users. However, a Tomb Raider appears with the purpose of robbing these relics. The Tomb Raider King. "God damn it! Did that bastard already loot this place as well?!" What you own belongs to me. What I own belongs to me. This is the story of a revived Tomb Raider who will do whatever he can to claim all the tombs and relics for himself! (Source: Kakao, translated)
Tomb Raider King
Before she even knew what marriage was, Bianca de Blanchefort had to leave the lavishness of her home forever and become the wife of Count Zachary de Arno. Her love for the extravagance of her beginnings never waned, and while her husband ignored her, she gained a reputation as a greedy, evil wife. After Zachary tragically died on the battlefield, Bianca—without an heir to secure her place in the palace—lost everything and became a beggar. In a twist of fate, Bianca is granted another chance at life. She awakens as an 18-year-old again and swears to shed her arrogance and immaturity this time around. However, Bianca still fears meeting the same unbecoming future and puts up a brave front, even when asking Zachary for an heir. With a husband who refuses to touch her, Bianca is hopeless. As she turns to other means to save herself, she begins to see Zachary in a new light, wondering if his indifference may have been a veil for something deeper. [Written by MAL Rewrite]
Marriage of Convenience
Kim Dokja does not consider himself the protagonist of his own life. Befitting the name his parents gave him, he is a solitary person whose sole hobby is reading web novels. For over a decade, he has lived vicariously through Yoo Joonghyuk, the main character of the web novel Three Ways to Survive the Apocalypse (TWSA). Through Joonghyuk, Dokja has experienced secondhand the trials of repeatedly regressing in time, in search of an end to life-threatening "scenarios" that force people to act out narratives for the amusement of god-like "Constellations." After reading 3,149 chapters—long after all other readers lost interest—Dokja finally resigns himself to the story ending. However, he receives an enigmatic message from the author, stating that the story will soon be monetized, before his surroundings suddenly go dark. He swiftly realizes that fiction has become reality and he is now living through TWSA. Although he is the singular omniscient reader of the events yet to come, his success in the scenarios is not guaranteed—but perhaps his advantage will empower him to step into the protagonist role that never suited him before. [Written by MAL Rewrite]
Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint
"Maybe Inner Gods can never defeat Outer Gods..." so thought Yuwon Kim, a plucky, high-ranking warrior, after a bitter defeat. But Yuwon is too tenacious to give up. His loss becomes the dawn of a new journey as a returnee. With renewed determination, Yuwon starts back from where he began, smashing monster after monster and relearning his skills before taking on the Tower once again. But can he fight his way through the tutorials and level up once more, or will his conquest crumble before him? (Source: Tapas Media)
Level Up with the Gods
The "God of High School" is a fierce competition held between Korean high school students to determine the best fighter among them. All styles of martial arts and weapons are allowed. The ultimate prize? The winner's deepest desire will be granted, no matter the cost. Jin Mo-Ri has been training in taekwondo under his grandfather from a young age. Obsessed with fighting, he enters the tournament to find and challenge stronger opponents. Along the way, he meets Han Dae-Wi, an expert in karate who is determined to become the champion to help his friend who is between life and death, and Yu Mi-Ra, a skilled swordswoman who wants to continue her family's legacy. Although this tournament seems simple, what more lies in store for Jin Mo-Ri and his friends? And will they be prepared to face what may come to pass? [Written by MAL Rewrite]
The God of High School
After more than 2,000 years, Nomi no Sukune's successor is born. This time, Baki will challenge the god of sumo. (Source: MangaDex)
Baki-Dou (2018)
When civil engineering student Suho Kim falls asleep reading a fantasy novel, he wakes up as a character in the book! Suho is now in the body of Lloyd Frontera, a lazy noble who loves to drink, and whose family is in a mountain of debt. Using his engineering knowledge, Suho designs inventions to avert the terrible future that lies in wait for him. With the help of a giant hamster, a knight, and the world's magic, can Suho dig his new family out of debt and build a better future? (Source: Webtoon Entertainment)
The Greatest Estate Developer
Shiyoon Do was the leader of a struggling K-pop boy band when he tragically died in a car accident... or so he thought! Miraculously, he wakes up in his 17-year-old body and realizes that he's gone back in time to before he debuted as an idol. Now, he is determined to make it big in K-pop. As he prepares for his re-debut, he has to avoid the pitfalls of his first life while gathering four like-minded and talented idol trainees to make a new boy band, the likes of which K-pop has never seen! (Source: Tapas Media)
The Second Life Of An All-Rounder Idol

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