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Designated Bully Manhwa cover

Designated Bully

  • 일진담당일진, Designated Bully, The Bully in Charge, Iljin in Charge Iljin, The Best Man in Charge, Iljin Damdang Iljin
  • Authors: Grimzo
  • Genres: Action, School, Delinquents
Read Designated Bully latest chapters on MangaTop. After dropping out of high school, Daegun Kwon is working part-time at a convenience store while preparing to get his GED. After being harassed by a group of punks during work and teaching them a lesson, Daegun is approached by a woman from the Education Foundation about a project called "Designated Bully." After being offered another chance at a normal life, Daegun accepts the offer and attends school to perform his one duty as the designated bully: To take down the other bullies, and restore order to the school. (Source: Webtoon Entertainment). Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at MangaTop
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