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Stella: The Lost Star Manhwa cover

Stella: The Lost Star

  • 엑스트라는 가장 먼저 버려진다, Stella: The Lost Star, An Extra in the Family Is the First to Be Abandoned, Extras Are Discarded First, Side Characters Are Discarded First
  • Authors: Chongmyong Baek, Dosejin
  • Genres: Romance, Fantasy
Read Stella: The Lost Star latest chapters on MangaTop. With the entire Belvice Empire awaiting her abilities, Princess Stella's life is turned upside down when she fails to bring the stars into the sky. Discarded by her family as the empire is overthrown, she is taken in and raised by commoners. But when the empire is restored and her conceited sister finds her, Stella's peaceful life is threatened once again. Is she doomed to live as a puppet for the family that hated her? Or can she shatter their demands and rise as the true leader of Belvice? (Source: Tapas Media). Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at MangaTop
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