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Who Stole the Empress? Manhwa cover

Who Stole the Empress?

  • 황후를 훔친 이는 누구인가, Who Stole the Empress?, Who Kidnapped the Empress?
  • Authors: Jihye Lee, Muhly
  • Genres: Romance, Fantasy, Drama
Read Who Stole the Empress? latest chapters on MangaTop. "All my people are dead... I just wanted to try my best. I just wanted to be a kind empress. Why..." Her injuries made her look so worn out... After torturing her for days and killing everyone she ever loved, the emperor abandoned the empress in the snowy mountains. In this heavy snowfall, the former empress, Rosellin, had resigned herself and was ready to accept death. Her family, her friends, all her hard work for the people of the empire... There was no reason left for her to continue living. So, she lay down on this pure white blanket, her body almost frozen, and watched the white snow be dyed in black. At first, the cold was painful, but the pain quickly subsided, and so she thought that freezing to death just might not be all that bad. "Being persecuted to death, lying alone as if you're ruling this snowy field..." said that man. "If you don't need your life anymore... then pardon me, I'll take it." It was the enemy general, Tamon Krasis. "You're mine now, Empress." She was abandoned by them, but he stole her and took her away. Who kidnapped the empress? (Source: Tiramisu, translated). Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at MangaTop
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