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The Killer's Shopping List Manhwa cover

The Killer's Shopping List

  • 살인자의 쇼핑 목록, The Killer's Shopping List, The Murderer's Shopping List
  • Authors: Seok-hyun Jung, Ji-young Kang
  • Genres: Suspense, Drama
Read The Killer's Shopping List latest chapters on MangaTop. Eunji Cha suffers from an undiagnosed medical disorder and frequently experiences violent seizures. After enduring years of abuse by her parents she wakes up from one particular episode and discovers the horrible truth behind the peculiarities of her family. The scars left on her mind after that day forever shape her character as she battles her inner demons and tries to keep her fiendish desire to murder at bay. Years down the road, her fate becomes intertwined with a man whose very nature is a stark reflection of her own. Will Eunji be able to contain the darkness within her? And will she come out on top in this perilous game of cat-and-mouse? (Source: Webtoon Entertainment). Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at MangaTop
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