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Woochi the Wiz Streamer Manhwa cover

Woochi the Wiz Streamer

  • 방송 천재 도사 전우치, Woochi the Wiz Streamer, A Grandcross Story, Bangsong Cheonjae Dosa Jeon Woochi
  • Authors: Studio Grigo, Zigiz
  • Genres: Fantasy, Action
Read Woochi the Wiz Streamer latest chapters on MangaTop. Woochi Jeon was the greatest taoist 500 years ago, and now he's ready to take over the era of social media! All he dreams of is a peaceful life as a successful online streamer. However, Jinhee Kang, the granddaughter of a man Woochi saved in the past, comes to him with a mysterious scroll and zombie-like monsters in hot pursuit. As he tries to find the source of these monsters, he's invited to Exceed, a competition for top streamers, only to find there might be a link between the two... (Source: Tapas Media). Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at MangaTop
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