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Wizardly Tower Manhwa cover

Wizardly Tower

  • 마도사의 탑, The Magician's Tower, Madosa-ui Tap
  • Authors: Sangyoung Seong, Seungbeom Park
  • Genres: Fantasy, Adventure, Action
Read Wizardly Tower latest chapters on MangaTop. A powerful grand wizard named Raim reappears after a millennium because of a failed experiment. While sets out to regain his lost tower, he meets Are and Ere, who have been trafficked as slaves... a combination of a weird grand magician who only uses his wits to make money and the cute, lovable brother and sister of the Miao tribe! Their endless adventure is beginning to unfold. (Source: Lezhin Entertainment, translated). Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at MangaTop
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