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Witch Class Manhwa cover

Witch Class

  • Authors: Ru Lee
Read Witch Class full chapter on MangaTop. Whether it be owning a pet pony, becoming a princess, or marrying Tom Cruise, every young girl has one dream or another. Dorothy, who’s just a regular middle school girl, has a drastic change in her dreams when one day she runs into Mistress Lilly, an accomplished witch who is looking for an apprentice. Sure, some girls would want to become a witch so that they could learn to make love potions, or own magical cats and rabbits that talk… but where’s the fun in that? Our cute heroine would answer this question by replying : “I’d want to become a witch to live out a romantic life that every girl wishes for… you know, like turning the world into a dark hellish cauldron, making everyone bow to me, and summoning cute zombies, tee hee hee~!” Oh yes, and what kind of comedy would this be without having all the hyperactive crazy sub-characters that make the heroine seem like a senile old lady in comparison. First, you have Dorothy’s close friend Remi who doesn’t seem to understand you’re only supposed to take just 1 prozac pill a day. Then you have Lilly, the witch, who’s fashion sense would make Madonna and Britney Spears blush. And finally, we can’t forget about Dorothy’s main love interest, a cute boy who’s only problem is that he’s a werewolf who wants to eat her alive! (Source: Infinity Studios). Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at MangaTop
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