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Wished You Were Dead Manhwa cover

Wished You Were Dead

  • 네가 죽기를 바랄 때가 있었다, Wished You Were Dead, Ne-ga Jukgi-reul Baral Ttae-ga Isseotda
  • Authors: Jinseo, Aran
  • Genres: Romance, Fantasy, Drama
Read Wished You Were Dead full chapter on MangaTop. Forced to wed the daughter of his bitter enemy, King Karloi of Croisen is far from happy with his marriage. His wife, Evonne Deluah, is a symbol of his helplessness—a constant reminder of the deaths he failed to prevent at the hands of her father. Still, Karloi holds out hope that his first love lives on, all the while opposing Duke Deluah in any way he can. To this end, he takes on a concubine, an act unheard of in recent years, further undermining Evonne's tenuous authority in the palace. Unbeknownst to Karloi, Evonne is harboring her own secrets—she too is just another victim of Duke Deluah. Despite her refined appearance, she was once a peasant known as Rue. As much as she longs to disclose her real identity to Karloi, a horrible curse prevents her from uttering the truth. To make matters worse, her mother remains an unknowing hostage of the duke. As Karloi continues his endless search for a girl he cannot be certain survived, he finds himself sparking a mysterious connection with Evonne. Meanwhile, the forsaken queen continues to dream of a life where she and her mother can simply live in peace, free from the struggle for the throne. [Written by MAL Rewrite]. Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at MangaTop
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