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Wicked No More Manhwa cover

Wicked No More

  • 악녀 시어머니를 그만뒀더니, 다들 내게 집착한다, Wicked No More, When I Quit Being a Wicked Mother-In-Law, Everyone Became Obsessed With Me
  • Authors: Rana, Somang
  • Genres: Romance, Villainess, Fantasy
Read Wicked No More latest chapters on MangaTop. I woke up in the body of the only duchess of the empire, Anriche von Valois, a wicked woman who is feared and hated by her husband and her son. She is the evil mother-in-law who will meet her end by the hands of her family after tormenting the female lead. To change my fate and get her on my side, I rescued my young future daughter-in-law who was being abused and raised her. If I treat her well, I'm sure she will take my side when the time comes and I can avoid the cruel ending of the novel! ...Or so I thought. "Mother, the weather is good. Could you please take a walk with me?" "Mother, I baked cookies myself. Try a bite." "Mother, Mother...." My young daughter-in-law always follows me around, ignoring the boy who is to become her future husband? "Mom, I like Lily, but I like you better." And my son, who used to tremble in fear at the mere mention of my name, is now whispering sweet words with a shy face? "Madam, how long are we going to use separate rooms?" My husband, who was always cold and hated me from the bottom of his heart, looked at me with sweet eyes... Why is everyone acting so lovely to me all of a sudden? (Source: Crescendo, translated). Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at MangaTop
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