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Vengeance Manhwa cover


Read Vengeance full chapter on MangaTop. For the first time in her long career as a detective, Hyeon Seola stands frozen before a gruesome scene with a mutilated corpse. The abandoned body, helplessly lying on the bloodied ground, belongs to Seola's longtime lover, Hwan Hara. A mere week ago, Hara had stormed off after the two exchanged some heated words, but Seola assumed that Hara would—as she always had—eventually return home. While Seola hid her sexuality in fear, Hara had a strong sense of justice, advocating for queer rights and often clashing with violent homophobes. Now that Hara has been robbed of her voice, Seola takes on the case of her murder, but gut-wrenching regret and suffocating guilt threaten to consume her. As she loses her sense of self while probing deeply into Hara's relationships and the events that took place before her tragic death, Seola swears to avenge her beloved—even if it is the last thing she does. [Written by MAL Rewrite]. Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at MangaTop
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