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Unlucky Mansion Manhwa cover

Unlucky Mansion

Read Unlucky Mansion full chapter on MangaTop. Until recently, Kang Eun Ju worked as a designer and had a roof over her head. But after being fired from her job and kicked out of her shared room on the same day, Eun Ju desperately searches online for new employment opportunities. She soon finds a job posting that would solve both of her problems. Seeing this as a lucky chance, she swiftly submits her application and is delighted to be called in for an interview. Once Eun Ju meets her potential employer, any prior excitement quickly fades. Kwak Woo Jin speaks to her in a condescending manner and pokes fun at her resume. Eun Ju is put off by his arrogant attitude, but in dire need of money and a residence, accepts the offered position. Bedeviled by an employer with unconventional demands and more tenants than she accounted for, Eun Ju begins her hapless days as the live-in caretaker at Woo Jin's unlucky mansion. [Written by MAL Rewrite]. Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at MangaTop
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