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Unintentional Love Story Manhwa cover

Unintentional Love Story

  • 비의도적 연애담
  • Authors: Pibi
  • Genres: Boys Love
Read Unintentional Love Story full chapter on MangaTop. When Wonyoung Ji's superior is fired in a corruption scandal, the young man finds himself caught up in the mess and is unjustly suspended from the company. Seeking a breath of fresh air, he decides to stay in a remote town until he can clear his name. As Wonyoung wanders around, he meets the chairman's favorite artist, Taejun Yoon, who disappeared from the public eye two years prior. Determined to win the chairman's favor, Wonyoung befriends Taejun, lying and hiding his true intentions in the process. Living under an alias, Taejun wants to put his past behind him, but Wonyoung must dig up the artist's hidden history to regain his post. As Wonyoung infiltrates Taejun's wary heart, he begins to lose sight of his initial objective and worry for the future, as a relationship built on lies is bound to crumble. [Written by MAL Rewrite]. Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at MangaTop
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