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Trouble G Manhwa cover

Trouble G

Read Trouble G full chapter on MangaTop. Jin-Hung possesses an abnormal power - she can see ghosts and make them disapear! One day, while walking through the streets, she suddenly comes across a boy trying to kill himself. To stop him, Jin-Hung ran to him; later learning that he was actually a ghost. However, it was not just an average ghost - it was her middle school crush Shin-Yi! Shin-Yi, unknowningly, then starts to follow Jin-Hung to the school, only to come across a new ghost - Shin-Yi’s best friend Yi-Ryeong! How did they end up dead and why does Yi-Ryeong suddenly start to follow Jin-Hung, saying that he’s her guardian? (Source: Fateful-Encounters). Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at MangaTop
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