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Totally Captivated Manhwa cover

Totally Captivated

Read Totally Captivated full chapter on MangaTop. Jung Ewon has always let his curiosity get the best of him, but even he could not have predicted that his latest venture would lead to him working for the mafia. After cheating on his boyfriend, Shin Jiho, and consequently being dumped, Ewon wishes for nothing more than for the two of them to reconcile. However, trouble occurs when Jiho's new boyfriend, the handsome Eun Mookyul, begins to take an interest in him. Finding Ewon attractive and intriguing, Mookyul, a mafia boss, decides that he wants Ewon to become his underling—and it's just as terrible as the latter expected. As the new errand boy in Mookyul's gang, Ewon must now learn to navigate the dangerous world of the mafia all while resisting the advances of his ex-boyfriend's new lover. In order to survive, Ewon will have to prevent his curiosity from winning out once more. Should he give in to his desires, he will risk more than just another heartbreak. [Written by MAL Rewrite]. Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at MangaTop
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