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To My Husband’S Mistress Manhwa cover

To My Husband’S Mistress

  • 내 남편의 정부에게, To My Husband's Mistress
  • Authors: Dancing Brain, Lachic
  • Genres: Romance, Fantasy
Read To My Husband’S Mistress latest chapters on MangaTop. Letitia Violet is the most unfortunate and pitiful of them all. Her husband, Aster Winchester, married her out of guilt, drove her father to an untimely death, and is now demanding a divorce. After everything, Aster has fallen for another woman, Rianca Snowither, and the entire Winchester family favors her greatly over Letitia. Her love for Aster made her blind to the misdeeds of the Winchesters, and in the final act of Letitia's pathetic life, Rianca stabs and pushes her into the icy depths of a river. However, Letitia lives. Prince Sionian Sol Meyer Sommerhurst of the Westeros Empire saves Letitia with a kiss, as he is blessed with divine power to repel evil and heal people. He allows her bitter and triumphant ex-family to hold a phony funeral for one reason: to find the vile monster who murdered his loved one. To execute his plan, Sionian needs a noble lady to infiltrate high society, and by giving Letitia a new, unrecognizable face, he joins forces with her to enact the perfect revenge against those who took everything from them. [Written by MAL Rewrite]. Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at MangaTop
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