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Timing Manhwa cover


Read Timing full chapter on MangaTop. For all her life, high school teacher Park Jagi has been able to foresee imminent disasters, but she has never succeeded in preventing them from happening. One day, she forecasts a terrible tragedy at her own school. However, unlike her previous nightmares, this time she appears within the vision to stop the event—alongside three other people she has not met before. With a few days remaining before the catastrophe will take place, Jagi is spurred into action to change the future and begins seeking out her potential allies. Soon, Jagi encounters the mysterious strangers who, like herself, possess time-related abilities: Kim Young-Tak, a student who can stop time; Chang Sae-Yoon, a narcoleptic woman who can witness incidents 10 minutes before they occur; and Kang Min-Hyuk, a troubled office worker who can rewind time by 10 seconds. Just when she attempts to enlist their help, sudden calamity strikes the school. Seeing as horrifying incidents have begun occurring earlier than expected, Jagi realizes that she may have misjudged the cause and consequences of her premonition. [Written by MAL Rewrite]. Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at MangaTop
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