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The Silent Warrior Manhwa cover

The Silent Warrior

  • 주인공이 힘을 숨김, The Silent Warrior, The Protagonist's Hidden Strength, Juingong-i Him-eul Sumgim
  • Authors: Road Warrior, Hakyeong Kim
  • Genres: Isekai, Fantasy, Action
Read The Silent Warrior latest chapters on MangaTop. "Face your destiny." In the alternate realm of the Otherworld—filled with creatures and Earth's catastrophes—an ancient warrior, a human summoned long ago into the realm, is determined to bring it all to an end. Fueled by the resentment of an unknown past, this journey unravels hidden identities, embarks on undercover missions, faces death trials, navigates through betrayals, and wades through bloodbaths. What do the shadows conceal, and what destiny awaits in the heart of the unknown? (Source: Webtoon Entertainment). Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at MangaTop
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