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The Max Level Heroine Manhwa cover

The Max Level Heroine

Read The Max Level Heroine latest chapters on MangaTop. Even if I rub it, I can't get a critical hit, so I'm suffering from a painful max-level goddess, Advent! Stress-free, fantastic, adventure, romance unfolded by her X mystic and pure deer man who fell into the world of the game! I was summoned to another world because of the quest window I accidentally clicked! A game that provides a realistic fantasy: Arcadia Online. Joo Se-young, nicknamed "Honse Demon King," suddenly falls into another world "Arcadia." Her confusion is short-lived, but for her as a max-level user, her attack on this world is a breeze. She collects cute party members, destroys dungeons to get treasures, and has a relationship with Karad, a pretty pretty deer. However, the quest of God, which is conditional on Se-young's return to the original world, entangles Se-young and her companions in a grand and dark conspiracy! Besides, to complete the quest, you have no choice but to sacrifice Karad...? Will she be able to break through the series of legendary difficulties? (Source: Kakao Entertainment Corp., translated). Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at MangaTop
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