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The Max Level Hero has Returned! Manhwa cover

The Max Level Hero has Returned!

  • 만렙 영웅님께서 귀환하신다!, The Max Level Hero Strikes Back, The Max Level Hero Has Returned!, Man-Level Yeongung-nim-kkeseo Gwihwan Hasinda!
  • Authors: Angmakkori, Yudo
  • Genres: Fantasy, Adventure, Action
Read The Max Level Hero has Returned! latest chapters on MangaTop. Struck by an enemy's arrow, the powerless Prince Davey O'Rowane falls into a coma. His soul travels to a place where the greatest of the great gather—the honorable Hall of Heroes. There a thousand years pass as Davey undergoes excruciating training under their watchful eyes to become a hero too strong for his own good. Now back to his timeline and his kingdom, he's wide awake and the enemies hiding in the king's court better be prepared. The prince they had dismissed is now their biggest threat! (Source: Tapas Media). Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at MangaTop
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