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The Man At Night Manhwa cover

The Man At Night

  • 밤에 사는 남자, Midnight Men, The Man at Night, Bam-e Saneun Namja
  • Authors: Shida
  • Genres: Erotica, Boys Love
Read The Man At Night latest chapters on MangaTop. Jung-hae has always wanted to live an ordinary life. But it's hard to pay the bills when you're deep in debt and barely scraping by working an honest, average job. One day, Jung-hae discovers that his brother is bringing in big bucks and suspects something dirty is going on, so he tails his brother...to a strip club full of male strippers?! When Jung-hae storms in to drag his brother out of the changing room, he has no idea that he's about to get a hell of a new job that's far from ordinary...and that the club's charismatic number one stripper, Yoo-gon, is going to change his life. (Source: Lezhin Entertainment). Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at MangaTop
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