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The Heroine Is a Man! Manhwa cover

The Heroine Is a Man!

  • 남장여주라고 했잖아요!, The Heroine Is a Man!, Wasn't the Male Lead a Female?, Aren't You Supposedly a Woman Disguised as a Man?!, I Told You I Was a Man Dressed as a Woman!
  • Authors: Dayun Kang, Na Lee
  • Genres: Isekai, Romance, Reincarnation, Fantasy
Read The Heroine Is a Man! latest chapters on MangaTop. Ainne lived for eight years without even knowing which novel she was trapped in. Then one day, a knight came looking for her and she realized which novel she was in. Actually, this guy is a woman?! The heroine who's dressing up as a man, taking the place of her brother?! If that's the case, she'll become friends with the heroine and live a comfortable life! But she felt that the heroine was acting a little strangely... She didn't know that the heroine was actually truly a man! She's already too deep into the friendship, what should she do now? "Do I really look like a woman?" (Source: Kakao Entertainment Corp., translated). Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at MangaTop
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