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The Genius Medicinal Mage Manhwa cover

The Genius Medicinal Mage

  • 약먹는 천재마법사, The Genius Medicinal Mage, Medicine Genius Wizard, Drug-Eating Genius Mage
  • Authors: Geulgeunyuk, Choigom
  • Genres: Adventure, Action, Fantasy
Read The Genius Medicinal Mage latest chapters on MangaTop. Renoc was supposed to be a video game character, so giving him a dying body in exchange for extreme magical prowess felt reasonable. However, when his creator wakes up inside Renoc's body, it doesn't feel like a game anymore! His life in the game is unbearable until he discovers the mysterious drug Vyper, which gives him the strength to wield his magic to its full potential. As Renoc walks a fine line with the drug that could save or destroy him, can he find a way to survive in this new world? (Source: Tapas Media). Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at MangaTop
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