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The Fitness Villainess Manhwa cover

The Fitness Villainess

  • 악역 영애지만 건강해서 행복합니다, The Fitness Villainess, I'm the Villainess, but I'm Happy Because I'm Healthy
  • Authors: Meonji, Cecilhuiya
  • Genres: Romance, Villainess, Isekai, Fantasy
Read The Fitness Villainess latest chapters on MangaTop. Being reincarnated into your favorite game isn't so bad, but what if you're now the main villainess who is destined to die from bad health in almost every ending? After spending her past life in a hospital, Aslan is determined to make her new body healthy, even if she has to become a fitness fanatic... After she conquers that, she'll work on an important aspect of surviving the game—her likability. However, can she succeed when everyone expects her to be a villainess? (Source: Tapas Media). Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at MangaTop
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