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The Edge Of Ambiguity Manhwa cover

The Edge Of Ambiguity

  • 모호함의 언저리, The Edge of Ambiguity, On the Edge of Ambiguity, Mohohamui Eonjeo-ri
  • Authors: EZ
  • Genres: Boys Love, School, Drama
Read The Edge Of Ambiguity latest chapters on MangaTop. For Shin Soo-young, school is nothing more than a place to study. He's there to get good grades, get into a good university, and get himself a good enough job so that he can help his family. He's certainly not looking to make friends. You see, for Soo-young, human relationships are...uncertain. And because they're uncertain, they're unsafe. Tae Jihwan, on the other hand, swans through life without a care in the world. He's got it all: money, good grades, and more friends than any one person could truly need. And yet, he seems to have his eye on becoming friends with Soo-young as well. No matter how hard he tries, Soo-young can't figure out what Jihwan wants from him, but the other boy is nothing if not persistent. Slowly but surely, Soo-young starts to let his walls come down, but just how long can he keep his balance on the edge of all this ambiguity...? (Source: Lezhin Entertainment). Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at MangaTop
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