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The Baby Dragon Tames the Crazy People Manhwa cover

The Baby Dragon Tames the Crazy People

  • 아기 용태자비는 미친놈들을 길들인다
  • Authors: Ryeowon Eun, Pinkbok
  • Genres: Reincarnation, Fantasy
Read The Baby Dragon Tames the Crazy People latest chapters on MangaTop. Thalassa is the empress of Atlantis, the empire within the ocean. Contrary to her belief that she would live out her days happily and peacefully, she was betrayed by her lover and friend and eventually sealed away for a millennium. When she opened her eyes again... "To think that I, who was once the empress of a great empire, have now turned into a tiny baby whose size is that of a baby crab!" Atlantis has already fallen, and Thalassa has reincarnated as the baby dragon princess also known as the duke's daughter of the nation that her traitors founded. And what? In order to break the curse, the dragon princess must marry the crown prince? "You sea anemone-like bastards!" Not only does she have to uncover the secrets behind Atlantis' downfall, but she's also fated to marry the crown prince regardless. "Oh well, I'll just go along with this until the crown prince's curse is lifted!" (Source: Kakao Entertainment Corp., translated). Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at MangaTop
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