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Standard of Reincarnation Manhwa cover

Standard of Reincarnation

  • 환생의 정석, The Art of Reincarnation, Standard of Reincarnation, The Essence of Reincarnation, Hwansaeng-ui Jeongseok
  • Authors: Pyeongbeom Kim, Sangkyung Lee
  • Genres: Reincarnation, Fantasy, Action
Read Standard of Reincarnation latest chapters on MangaTop. Despite having only one arm, Daven had finally proven his worth after defeating his cousin Kazin in honorable combat. But Kazin took advantage of Daven's mercy, stabbing him in the back and imprisoning him for life. 500 years later, the minor god Yulian is reborn and unknowingly summons Daven’s soul into the body of a young boy named Vincent Adenka. As the pair work to reveal the truth of Daven and Kazin, Vincent must relearn the art of combat while Yulian discovers the art of reincarnation. (Source: Tapas Media). Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at MangaTop
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