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Side Characters Deserve Love Too Manhwa cover

Side Characters Deserve Love Too

  • 어차피 조연인데 나랑 사랑이나 해, Side Characters Deserve Love Too, He's a Supporting Character but I Love Him Anyway, Eochapi Joyeon-inde Narang Sarang-ina Hae
  • Authors: Dandi, Sodapie
  • Genres: Isekai, Romance, Fantasy, Comedy
Read Side Characters Deserve Love Too latest chapters on MangaTop. Geumja Kim is the biggest (and only) fan of Kyle du Vilteon, a side character in the fantasy novel King Maker. Her never-ending search for Kyle content is forever changed when she dies while rereading the book... and somehow awakens in Kyle's bedroom to a new life within the novel's pages! She is then shocked to learn that Kyle can also hear her thoughts—luckily, only if she thinks of his name. Still, there's no time for this fangirl to daydream because Kyle is doomed to die. Can she save the apple of her eye... and in the process, become his? (Source: Tapas Media). Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at MangaTop
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