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She’S A Villainess, But Her Husband Is Handsome Manhwa cover

She’S A Villainess, But Her Husband Is Handsome

  • 악녀인데 하필 남편이 잘생겼다, I'm a Villainess with a Handsome Husband, She's a Villainess, but Her Husband Is Handsome
  • Authors: Jangdok, Beotkkot Geurigo
  • Genres: Villainess, Isekai, Romance, Fantasy
Read She’S A Villainess, But Her Husband Is Handsome latest chapters on MangaTop. Lamaine Rogers finds it terribly unfitting that she is a villainess, as she was a kind doctor who always went above and beyond for her patients in her previous life. In the world of a novel she now inhabits, there is no love lost between Lamaine and her husband, Cedric, the second male lead. He is enamored with his brother's wife, Elena, which turns Lamaine into a jealous woman desperate for his attention. Feeling like a cursed prisoner, the new Lamaine comes to a mutually beneficial agreement with Cedric. While they play smitten spouses, Cedric will strive to become the next duke, and once he succeeds, Lamaine will receive a sizable payment upon their divorce. However, it appears there is more to the villainess Lamaine and her past than the story portrays. As she attempts to understand her body's previous owner, Lamaine unknowingly begins to untangle a dangerous web of secrets. [Written by MAL Rewrite]. Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at MangaTop
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