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Serena Manhwa cover


Read Serena latest chapters on MangaTop. All the dark, offensive rumors about Serena Serenity ring true; her body is too thin and frail, her behavior is insolent, and she feels suffocated in her marriage. Despite this, Serena loses little sleep over the truth. As the sole heir to the elite Serenity Hotel, Serena married influential businessman Eiser Leinz Grayan to salvage her family's sinking legacy. But their union is merely her grandmother's wish, for Serena never wanted to marry a stranger she does not love. Serena develops a childish and stubborn personality, feeling betrayed by her grandmother and repulsed by her husband. As a final act of rebellion, Serena brings in Frederick Bloom—a gorgeous and obedient man who fulfills her every desire—and shamelessly flaunts him among the aristocrats. Although Serena deeply values the hotel and hopes to drive out Eiser, she is clueless when it comes to business. However, a sudden change in Eiser's attitude forces her to grow up, trapping her in a difficult position between her gentle lover and her uncompromising husband. [Written by MAL Rewrite]. Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at MangaTop
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