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Seducing the Lady's Lover Manhwa cover

Seducing the Lady's Lover

  • 백작 영애의 애인을 꼬셔라, Seducing the Lady's Lover, I Must Seduce the Count's Daughter's Lover, Seduce the Count's Daughter's Lover
  • Authors: Hongmano, MQ
  • Genres: Time Travel, Romance, Fantasy
Read Seducing the Lady's Lover latest chapters on MangaTop. I'm Lydel Cross. When I turned 18 the emperor trapped me in a magical tower and used me in whatever way he saw fit. That was the life I lived before it was rewound. In order to be happy during my second chance at life, I decided to turn away from anything related to magic, even becoming the maid of a count. At least, that's how it was supposed to be... "You're the only person I have! Please steal him from Milena! I beg of you!" Wait a moment, Master. The "boy" you want me to pull from her lady wouldn't happen to be the butler, whose face looks so much like the emperor's I can't get used to it, now would it? Just looking at his face makes me anxious, and you're telling me to seduce Graham? ...Will I not be able to live this life quietly either? (Source: Peppermint, translated). Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at MangaTop
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