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Secret Lady Manhwa cover

Secret Lady

  • 시크릿 레이디, Secret Lady
  • Authors: Banana, Anngato
  • Genres: Romance, Fantasy
Read Secret Lady latest chapters on MangaTop. From her miserable previous life as Yoon Seolwoo in Korea, 26-year-old Rosentine Arzen carried over the frightening ability to see ghosts. Her otherworldly power alienated her from her family and peers, and she struggled with every breath. After her rebirth, Rosentine hid her gift like a curse. Now a noble lady, Rosentine is blessed with caring parents and an adorable younger sister, and she would never endanger the people who endlessly shower her with unconditional love. Although Rosentine conceals her sixth sense from living humans, her secret was once discovered by the spirit of a young man named Ranon. He taught her how to control the ghosts—and thanks to that, she learns of a current assassination plot against Prince Charteris Kartazen. Rosentine might have only briefly met the prince before, but she cannot let him die—lest the political schemes destroy the country—if she has the means to prevent it. Disguising herself as a poor sorceress, Rosentine convinces Charteris to allow her to investigate and save his life. However, not even ghosts are omniscient, and to protect her family, Rosentine must uncover the empire's greatest conspiracy. [Written by MAL Rewrite]. Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at MangaTop
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