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Revolutionary Princess Eve Manhwa cover

Revolutionary Princess Eve

  • 황녀, 반역자를 각인시키다, Revolutionary Princess Eve, The Princess Imprints the Traitor, Hwangnyeo, Banyeokja-reul Gagin Sikida
  • Authors: Irinbi, Sagong
  • Genres: Fantasy, Drama, Time Travel
Read Revolutionary Princess Eve latest chapters on MangaTop. As the empire burns, Princess Evienrose Choelle "Eve" Hadelamid solemnly awaits her death. Rebellion leader and homunculus Mikaelis Agnito has murdered almost every member of her imperial family in his honorable goal to liberate the brainwashed and enslaved homunculi from oppressive rule. Eve wholeheartedly supports the homunculi's rights and previously refused to select a homunculus to be magically forced to obey her as her personal knight. Although her family casts her aside, Mikaelis notices and admires her meager efforts, intending to spare her life and reign alongside her. However, Rosenitte Nadia, Eve's sister and former owner of Mikaelis, spirals into madness and kills Eve. After Rosenitte's foolish actions, Mikaelis decides to sacrifice everything for a chance to turn back time and revive Eve. When the clock rewinds seven years, only Eve remembers what happened. She now knows she cannot remain on the sidelines and must fight her wicked siblings for the throne to ensure future peace. But in order to prevent impending bloodshed, Eve must break her vow and appoint a personal knight—the strongest and most defiant homunculus, Mikaelis. [Written by MAL Rewrite]. Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at MangaTop
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