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Resigning as the Villainess Manhwa cover

Resigning as the Villainess

  • 악역도 귀찮아서, Resigning as the Villainess, Even the Villain Is Annoying, Agyeok-do Gwichanaseo
  • Authors: FBI Gyeonggo, Semi
  • Genres: Fantasy, Villainess, Romance, Isekai
Read Resigning as the Villainess full chapter on MangaTop. Waking up as the villainess destined for a gruesome death, Olivia de Versace only has two goals in mind: 1. Avoid the Imperial Palace at all costs, and 2. Marry her childhood crush and live her life in peace. With a newfound passion for both swordsmanship and commerce and romance in the air, Olivia is building her reputation as the new local girlboss. But... does all of this attention come at a price? Why are all of these men she's trying to stay far away from flocking to her side?! (Source: Tapas Media). Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at MangaTop
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