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Regressor of the Fallen family Manhwa cover

Regressor of the Fallen family

  • 멸망한 가문의 회귀자, A Flame Reborn, Regressor of the Fallen Family, Returner of a Ruined Family
  • Authors: Painkiller, Sunggu
  • Genres: Time Travel, Fantasy, Action
Read Regressor of the Fallen family latest chapters on MangaTop. Logan MacLine, a middle-aged knight fighting for the independence army, is intent on getting revenge against the empire which took over the kingdom and executed his brother when he ends up dying in battle. But when he wakes, he is a young man again, and has yet to be disowned for his terrible behavior. Using his experience and knowledge from his past life, Logan recruits a few talented individuals to develop new weapons, build an army, and make enough money to fund it all. But will he be able to make amends with his family and stop the empire's march? (Source: Webtoon Entertainment). Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at MangaTop
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