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Post-Possession Damage Control Manhwa cover

Post-Possession Damage Control

  • 누군가 내 몸에 빙의했다, Post-Possession Damage Control, Nugunga Nae Mom-e Bing-uihaessda, My Body Has Been Possessed by Someone
  • Authors: Solar Shin, KALTA
  • Genres: Fantasy, Drama
Read Post-Possession Damage Control latest chapters on MangaTop. Seven years ago, Kanna was thrown into the body of a Korean girl named Joohwa. She had everything in her new life—a loving family, a great boyfriend, a hard-won medical license, even her own clinic! But that all changes when she's suddenly swapped back one day. Just as she's been in Joohwa's body, Joohwa has been in hers... and she's left Kanna's life a mess! First things first, she's going to divorce her cold husband, Duke Silvian Valentino. After that? Revenge on everyone who's wronged her. (Source: Tapas Media). Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at MangaTop
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