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Pick Me, My Queen Manhwa cover

Pick Me, My Queen

  • 여왕님 안 돼요!, Pick Me, My Queen, Queen, You Mustn't!
  • Authors: Jaya, Taeyi
  • Genres: Romance, Fantasy
Read Pick Me, My Queen latest chapters on MangaTop. Aurora Fenryr Astrophotas, the Goddess of War, returns from the seven-year war to face the aftermath of her father's mysterious illness and subsequent death as well as the four men vying for her hand in marriage. Her best friend's lover, her loyal fan's fiancé, a professor with a secret, and her ex-fiancé come before her, but will she find a husband in time? She yearns to return to the battlefield, but instead, she must evade bedchamber intruders, power-hungry nobles, the haunting illness, and most importantly... her own heart. (Source: Tapas Media). Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at MangaTop
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