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My Insanely Competent Underlings Manhwa cover

My Insanely Competent Underlings

  • 내 부하들이 미친듯이 유능하다, My Insanely Strong Henchmen, My Insanely Competent Underlings, Nae Buha-deur-i Michin-deusi Yuneunghada
  • Authors: Ant Studio, NoCount
  • Genres: Video Game, Fantasy, Comedy, Adventure, Action
Read My Insanely Competent Underlings latest chapters on MangaTop. Former ranker Lee Hoyeon is looking to make it big in the new VR game, "Labyrinth World." He isn't about to get his hands dirty doing all the work, so how about recruiting someone else to get things done? Enter Kaiser and Lina, his new henchmen. They've got the skills, the brawn, and... a thirst for blood! Kaiser and Lina will take down anyone standing in their boss's way, but as the bodies pile up, Hoyeon starts to wonder if his lackeys aren't just insanely strong, but rather flat-out insane! (Source: Tapas Media). Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at MangaTop
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