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My Gently Raised Beast Manhwa cover

My Gently Raised Beast

  • 곱게 키웠더니, 짐승, My Gently Raised Beast, I Raised the Beast Well, Gopge Ki-woss-deoni, Jimseung
  • Authors: Ireun-kkot, Yeo-seulgi
  • Genres: Fantasy, Romance
Read My Gently Raised Beast full chapter on MangaTop. Blondina's greatest desire is to escape the hellish life she has been enduring since her mother's death. In order to avoid being sold off to a sadistic nobleman, Blondina must trade her mother's memento—a sparkling ring that belonged to her father she never met—to earn some money. Unexpectedly, her plan leads to her estranged father, the emperor of Ates; discovering her existence, he formally names her a princess. However, Blondina's new life is not all roses. Between being forced to hide her humble origins and tolerating the disparaging behavior of her half-siblings, Blondina feels as lonely as she was before. When she meets an injured talking kitten, she is happy to finally have found someone to befriend. However, the animal is no ordinary creature; his real identity is Amon Akin—the most powerful member of the Great Divine Leopard clan. With the peace treaty between humans and leopards hanging by a thread, will their blossoming relationship change things for the better—or for the worse? [Written by MAL Rewrite]. Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at MangaTop
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