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My Father Is a Tyrant Manhwa cover

My Father Is a Tyrant

  • 다음의 폭군 중 친아빠를 고르시오, My Father Is a Tyrant, Choose Your Real Daddy Tyrant, Daeumui Pokgun Jung Chin-appa-reul Go-reu-si-o
  • Authors: Bam-manyeo
  • Genres: Fantasy, Reincarnation, Romance
Read My Father Is a Tyrant full chapter on MangaTop. Find your dad, or face death - again. After working herself to death, Professor Jaehee Cheon is reincarnated as a princess in a fantasy novel. Now, she must find her father from the four gorgeous candidates before her to find her happy ending. Will Jaehee be able to survive in her second life? (Source: Manta). Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at MangaTop
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