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Mother's Contract Marriage Manhwa cover

Mother's Contract Marriage

  • 엄마가 계약결혼 했다, Mother's Contract Marriage, My Mother Gets Married Again, My Mother Got Married by Contract, My Mom Entered a Contract Marriage
  • Authors: Hae-Yun Choo, Siya
  • Genres: Fantasy, Time Travel
Read Mother's Contract Marriage latest chapters on MangaTop. Years ago, a nobleman abandoned his wife, Lydia, and their daughter, Lyrica Vans. Without him, Lydia and Lyrica lost their status and were forced to move to the slums. While Lydia drinks her sorrows away, eight-year-old Lyrica works tirelessly to pay their living expenses, refusing to hate her mother for her neglect and abuse. One day, a drunk Lydia falls asleep and wakes up a changed woman. Lyrica believes she is dreaming when her mother suddenly embraces her, with a string of apologies and loving words pouring from her lips. After Lydia exclaims that she will marry the dread emperor Alterres Takar, Lyrica is sure her mother has lost her mind. However, Lydia quickly secures her marriage to Alterres, confessing to Lyrica that it is truthfully a contractual relationship. In no time, Lyrica is thrown into the role of princess, surrounded by glittering riches beyond her wildest dreams. Life as royalty is full of rules and devious schemes, but Lyrica's refreshing honesty and pure heart soon become the most precious things in the palace. [Written by MAL Rewrite]. Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at MangaTop
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