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Long After the Ending Manhwa cover

Long After the Ending

  • 원작은 완결난 지 한참 됐습니다만, Long After the Ending, Wonjak-eun Wangyeolnan Ji Hancham Dwaetseumnidaman
  • Authors: Wonderdream, Dorae
  • Genres: Villainess, Romance
Read Long After the Ending latest chapters on MangaTop. Elena Taylor was a charming daughter of noble lineage, soon to be married to Crown Prince Lian Harrington, whom she loved deeply. However, Lian remained indifferent toward her and wished for an annulment of their engagement, as his heart yearned for another woman. Heartbreak and anguish consumed Elena, and she became bedridden. By a twist of fate, the person who awakens is no longer Elena. Her life now belongs to a woman from modern-day Korea, who reincarnated as the villainess from the romance novel she just finished reading. Devoid of Elena's old sentiments, the new owner of her body frees Lian from their ill-fated love, thus ending the plot of the novel. With newfound freedom, Elena enjoys a series of romantic partners and becomes independent by starting her own relationship counseling company. But with growing success, trouble arises: to save her business, Elena must convince Hugh Godwin—the novel's inconsolable, disheveled, and rather well-built second lead—to rejoin society and finally get married. Although it seems impossible, Elena is determined to ensure that Hugh finds his one true love. [Written by MAL Rewrite]. Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at MangaTop
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