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Lifesaving Romance Manhwa cover

Lifesaving Romance

  • 구사일생 로맨스, Lifesaving Romance, A Close Call Romance, Gusa Ilsaeng Romance
  • Authors: Soo, Seojeong
  • Genres: Romance, Adult Cast
Read Lifesaving Romance full chapter on MangaTop. Eunhong is an actress—just not famous yet. After being dumped by her boyfriend of 9 years, she gets involved in an incident with the CEO of LJ Pharmaceutical, Kang-il. And out of the blue, he wants to "hire" her as his fiancée. In order to save face from her ex-boyfriend and avoid being charged, Eunhong accepts his offer, but can she pull off the role of a beautiful yet mysterious French heiress without being busted? (Source: Webtoon Entertainment). Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at MangaTop
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