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Kick Off Manhwa cover

Kick Off

Read Kick Off full chapter on MangaTop. Expensive shoes, a nice watch. Smoldering good-looks. That's the new guy, Jaeha Doh, appointed to lead a new team in the company. Tae-eun is a third-year copywriter who's vying to join this new group to move his career forward. Jaeha seems a bit strict but if he's achieved this position already at his age, he must be competent, right? But something suddenly dawns on Tae-eun... This Jaeha...is this the same Jaeha he went to school with, his first crush?! Second chances at love don't come around very often. But they were just kids when they first met, surely things are different now. Still, this guy is confident, hot and seems interested, why not make the most of this opportunity? But office romances are always complicated and there's a new air about Jaeha that feels just a little off... Love and lust ensue but things aren't quite as they seem... (Source: Lezhin Entertainment). Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at MangaTop
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