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Imprisoned With The Horror Game's Male Lead Manhwa cover

Imprisoned With The Horror Game's Male Lead

  • 공포게임 남주와 감금당했다, Confined Together with the Horror Game's Male Lead, The Male Lead and I Are Trapped in a Horror Game
  • Authors: Flangby, Pinata
  • Genres: Reincarnation, Isekai, Romance, Fantasy
Read Imprisoned With The Horror Game's Male Lead latest chapters on MangaTop. I became a maid inside of a horror game. Penalties were given to the male lead, who was trying to escape being locked up in a large mansion, and I acted as a guide. I was going to fulfill my duties until the male lead's play ends. "When I get out, I'll lock you up exactly the same way." The male lead is so noisy. If it's going to be like this, I'll just help him escape faster. "Let's eat, Dietrich." "This is a potion, it'll help you recover faster if you take it." "The hint to escape is over there..." I fed him well to prepare for the next play, and when the male lead got hurt, I gave him a potion so he could quickly play the next game, I even gave him a hint for the problem. You'll be able to get out now, right? However... "I don't really know the answer." What's the meaning of this? Aren't you supposed to be smart? ...The male lead doesn't think about leaving the mansion at all. "If you won't get out, I will," I shouted in anger because I was so sick of the thought of having to see the face of someone I don't want to keep seeing. "Is it possible for you to get out of here?" His eyes sank bitterly. "Let me tell you this, I have no intention of leaving this place." "What?" "And you have no way of getting out, either." What the hell is going on? (Source: Kakao Entertainment Corp., translated). Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at MangaTop
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