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I'm Not the Final Boss' Lover! Manhwa cover

I'm Not the Final Boss' Lover!

  • 최종 보스의 애인이라니 오해입니다, I'm Not the Final Boss' Lover!, I'm Not the Final Boss's Lover!
  • Authors: Ken, Team Hanso
  • Genres: Romance, Isekai, Fantasy
Read I'm Not the Final Boss' Lover! latest chapters on MangaTop. When protagonist Jun Karentia enters a game as a support mage, she's all set to guide hero Fabian to success. But, oops! The game throws her a curveball when Fabian ditches her in round two, and Mayer Knox, Fabian's rival and secret final boss, recruits her as vice-captain for his corps. The problem? He's the final boss and now everyone thinks they're dating! Now, Jun's mission is to outwit Fabian, transform the final boss into the game's new hero, and put an end to those pesky romance rumors. (Source: Tapas Media). Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at MangaTop
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