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I'd Rather Be a Queen Manhwa cover

I'd Rather Be a Queen

  • 자격 미달 황후라 죄송합니다, I'd Rather Be a Queen, I'm Sorry I'm Not Qualified to Be Empress, I'm Sorry for Being an Unqualified Empress
  • Authors: Jeongyeon Chae, Gongji
  • Genres: Romance, Time Travel, Fantasy
Read I'd Rather Be a Queen latest chapters on MangaTop. After being pushed to her death by her husband, the emperor, Rosé Etwar wakes up years before their marriage. Vowing to avoid her cruel fate, she intentionally offends the imperial family and is sent to wed the mysterious King Maxim of the neighboring kingdom instead. Though initially suspicious of Rosé, Maxim agrees to become her ally and help destroy the empire, but he has his own conditions. Will Rosé be able to take her revenge, or will her imperial past haunt her royal future? (Source: Tapas Media). Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at MangaTop
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