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I Moogie You: A Slippery Love Manhwa cover

I Moogie You: A Slippery Love

  • 용, 감한 연애, I Moogie You: A Slippery Love, The Dragon's Brave Love, Yong, Gamhan Yeonae
  • Authors: Yoshin, Syungsyung
  • Genres: Supernatural, Romance
Read I Moogie You: A Slippery Love full chapter on MangaTop. As Sia unpacks her life into a new home, she uncovers her grandmother's diary. It speaks of a mysterious man who gifted her grandmother tea leaves laced with otherworldly powers. Intrigued and desperate to unravel the tale, Sia digs deeper and hears whispers of a mansion—a place said to be the dwelling of a reclusive individual plagued by mental anguish. Some even claim it's the prison of a man ensnared by witch hunts long ago. Compelled by this swirl of dark rumors, Sia takes the daring step to visit the mansion, a house shrouded in secrets and sealed away for decades. (Source: Tappytoon). Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at MangaTop
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