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I Adopted a Villainous Dad Manhwa cover

I Adopted a Villainous Dad

  • 악당 아빠를 입양했다, I Adopted a Villainous Dad
  • Authors: Yunsul, Eon
  • Genres: Reincarnation, Fantasy
Read I Adopted a Villainous Dad latest chapters on MangaTop. Amelia is reborn into her favorite novel as the main character. The only problem? She's a six-year-old saintess destined to suffer. When it comes time for the ritual to choose a family for her, she spots her favorite character, Miltiades, and decides to take things into her own hands. Miltiades may have been the big bad of the original story, but that doesn't mean he can't be the perfect dad! But just as Amelia thinks she'll get her happy ending with her new father, a huge obstacle stands in her path: the existence of the hero destined to annihilate the villain. Can Amelia save both her new father and the hero? (Source: WordExcerpt). Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at MangaTop
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