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How to Snag an Alpha Manhwa cover

How to Snag an Alpha

  • 그 알파를 꼬시는 법, How to Snag an Alpha, How to Chase an Alpha
  • Authors: Kimnyeong
  • Genres: Boys Love, Erotica
Read How to Snag an Alpha full chapter on MangaTop. Born into a family of handsome, wealthy, and well-educated alphas, Wooyoung always expected he would be the same. Come to find out, he was the odd man out as the lone omega, and not even a perfect one at that. To compensate, Wooyoung goes through life pretending to be a beta, but when he begins to experience hormone imbalances, irregular heat cycles, and a distinct lack of control over his impulses, his lowly recessive omega status becomes impossible to ignore. That's when he meets Kyungju, a powerful and successful dominant alpha who can turn him into a true omega, and also makes him weak in the knees. Now, Wooyoung must use every tactic there is to court Kyungju and make the brooding alpha his very own. (Source: Tappytoon). Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at MangaTop
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